PDF DownloadParadise Nutrients Pty Ltd Mobile Phone Usage Policy includes guidelines and provisions regarding the use of a personal mobile phone during work hours.


To clearly outline when and where an employee’s personal mobile phone may be used during a work day.


Our mobile phone usage policy applies to all Paradise Nutrients Pty Ltd management and employees.

Note: There are some employees excluded from this policy given their job description requires use of a mobile phone, however, unless you are advised directly that this applies to you, you are obligated to follow our mobile phone use policy at all times.


Personal mobile phones are not allowed to be carried by employees at any time during their work day as it causes unnecessary distraction from work and disruption to both their own personal work and those of other team members around them.

All employees of Paradise Nutrients Pty Ltd are advised of the following directives regarding their personal mobile phones:

  • Must be switched off whilst kept either in your car or in your locker throughout times you are working
  • Can be switched on for the purpose of checking/sending messages and making calls only during your allocated break times and lunch time
    Please note: when making phone calls however you must ensure to be at all times respectful in your language and tone of your voice so as to not disrupt or offend co-workers around you

At times when you are allowed to have your mobile phone switched on (allocated break times and lunch time), you must not do any of the following on our business premises, on your mobile:

  • Allow your device to emit noise including the playing of games, music and/or videos out of consideration for your co-workers around you.
  • Initiate or answer video calls
  • Make sound or video recordings


Paradise Nutrients Pty Ltd understand that occasionally your mobile phone is your connection between you and an important personal situation, such as being in communication with a sick child or some other family-related matter. In such an instance, we advise that instead of your mobile being used, that you instead provide external persons with the landline of the business location you are working at and we are more than happy to allow you to take personal phone calls via our landline in emergency situations.

Permission to carry personal mobile phone on you during emergency situation

Alternately, you can speak with your supervisor and explain your particular circumstances and your need for possession of a mobile phone during working periods and they can decide if you may have your mobile phone, under strict usage conditions for checking important text messages or receiving/making urgent phone calls. This situation would be rare and considered on a case-by-case basis.

Should you be allowed to carry your mobile phone on your during such a situation, you are expected to ensure workplace health and safety at all times when answering/sending a text and/or making/receiving a phone call. You must also keep as priority your job and expected responsibilities, which may mean that a text or phone call cannot be immediately answered upon receipt and that you will need to reply to such at a more suitable time. Your supervisor will advise you in detail of these responsibilities should you be allowed to have a mobile phone on your during a personal matter.


Paradise Nutrients Pty Ltd reserves the right to monitor employees for abuse of this policy. All employees are to always follow the above-mentioned guidelines and those who are in breach of this policy may face disciplinary action:

  • First-time, unintentional:
    the company may issue a verbal warning and allow the employee to place their mobile phone in their locker
  • Intentional, repeated breach of this policy:
    the company will invoke more severe disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Each incident will be examined on a case-by-case basis.